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I'm Kristen!

I’m the dreamer and creative behind Crescent Crown Designs. I have a passion for hand-lettering and design, and a heart for creative small business owners. You know that saying, "Do one thing and do it well?" I used to think that it was a flaw that I couldn’t just stick to one creative path, but now I see that it was preparing me to serve all of you women out there with a creative heart. 

You run a creative small business, or have dreams to one day. You with your big creative heart, you with your mind full of ideas that won’t turn off, you who have chosen to live a life that lights your soul on fire.  You are in the right place friend.

I am so passionate about encouraging others to follow their dreams and share their gifts with the world. Here at Crescent Crown Designs you’ll find products and gifts that inspire, motivate, celebrate, and help you on your creative journey. 

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