4 Things for a Cozy Fall Self-Care Night at Home

October 26, 2019

Cozy Fall Self-Care Night

The nights are coming faster as the sun dips down behind the treeline. The air is becoming colder, wind blowing fallen leaves on the ground. You can smell the fall, perhaps it smells like pumpkin spice lattes to you. To me, it smells like hot chocolate and cinnamon.
After a long week working, you get home (or shut down your laptop) on Friday and want to crash. Whether you plan on working more on the weekend (hello everyone that works in the wedding industry) or you have two days of peace ahead of you, taking a moment for yourself is important.

Let me introduce you to my favorite fall self-care evening. Use this as an excuse to treat yourself, set aside some time next week for yourself. Check out these four things you need for a cozy fall self-care night at home! 


Essentials for a good fall bath include the perfect bath bomb. The best bath bombs, in my opinion, come from LUSH. I try and save these for special occasions since they are on the pricier side. For my fall bath, I used their classic Butterball bath bomb which smells of vanilla and leaves my skin feeling amazing. You can always go to a store and smell them to find your favorite, but they have some limited edition Haloween and Fall ones that would be perfect for your self-care day. Check out this Mercury in Retrograde and this Punkin Pumpkin bath bomb.

I also like to light a few candles to get some atmosphere in my bathroom. Wood wick candles are nice because you can hear them burn. My favorite is this Warm Gingerbread one I have from Timber Wick. I also love the smell of Burning Midnight for a warm, but floral scent.

Now, if you’re not a bath person I totally get it. Take a long hot shower instead, feel the hot water pulse on your neck and let the tension wash away. Pick up some delicious smelling body wash to get the same autumnal vibes.


I like to read books on the spookier side during the fall, especially around Haloween. I read Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware earlier this month and I am currently reading Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo. Check them out if you’re looking for a slightly spooky fall read.Books and Candle for Cozy Fall Self-Care Night


My bath beverages vary, but in the fall I’m typically drawn to either some sleepy-time tea or some red wine. It’s dealers choice here, but when I am trying to get a really good night’s rest, I opt for some tea. I love drinking it out of my Rest and Refill mug. Seeing that reminder relaxes me even more.
Rest and Refill Mug and Sleepytime Te


I prefer to have zeros plans after my bath. I have reached optimal relaxation and my warm body is ready to jump into some pajamas and get straight into bed. However, if I do choose to stay up for a little bit, I like to put on a facemask (my baths are usually too hot to do this in the tub) and then watch a scary or Halloween movie.

As a creative, it’s so important for you to refill your well. Don’t spend your Friday night working until midnight. Don’t spend your Friday night thinking about all the things you weren’t able to get done in the week. Take a step back, take care of yourself. You deserve this. The fall season is the perfect time to warm up with a bath and wash the tension away.

Happy Relaxing Friends!

xx Kristen

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