5 Reasons to Finally Write Your Novel

April 10, 2019

5 Reasons to Finally Write Your Novel

If you have found your way to this corner of the internet, chances are you are a writer, or you want to be a writer. Now, I truly believe if you’re out there writing anything (novels, poems, articles, blogs, notes in your journal) then you’re a writer. However, if you’re a writer that isn’t so sure about starting that novel you’ve been dreaming about, then I want to throw some motivation your way! 

Why You Should Write A Novel:

1. For You

  • Honestly, that’s where this has to start. You should be writing the novel for yourself first and foremost. You’re the one that’s going to be reading it over and over and over… and over again while you work on making it better
  • If you hate vampire books, you shouldn’t write a vampire book just because it’s trending
  • If you’re the only person that ever reads your novel, make it one you enjoy
  • Let your novel bring you joy, spend your free time writing because you love to write

2. For the Love of Story

  • If you’re a writer, chances are you’re also a reader and you love the stories that have passed through your hands
  • Stories have been told for as long as there has been language. Once only verbal stories passed down from generation to generation, now we have the opportunity to write them down and share them with a large audience
  • Your story deserves to be heard, it deserves to be loved

3. For the Characters

  • You will be giving life to characters and taking them on a journey in your story, you should enjoy spending time with these people, you really don’t want to have to kill them off in book 2
  • Representation matters, your books matters to people of different religions, ethnicities and sexual orientations. Write your story for the voices that want to be heard and the people who want to see themselves in the characters they read

4. For Others

  • Yes, I told you to write the book for yourself, but you’re also writing it for others to read one day and that can be so motivational
  • Think of your favorite books and the writers who poured their love and energy into the story and characters you identify with. You could be that for someone else

5. For The Movie (or TV show)

  • Okay, I am a huge movie fan, I love the big screen and bingeing television shows so this has always been a huge motivator for me
  • Who will play your characters, what will the soundtrack be like? What scenes will hit the cutting room floor?

Now go out there and DO IT! Write your novel, share your story. Do it for yourself and the future people that will read it and tell all of their friends about their new favorite book.

I know that writers often have a really hard time finding the motivation to start writing, to keep writing, to finish their novels. That’s why I created my For the Love of Story mug. I wanted whatever writer held the mug in their hands to be reminded of why they’re writing, why they should keep going.

I write #ForTheLoveOfStory. I would love to hear why you write and what motivates you to keep going! Tag me in your Instagram posts @crescentcrowndesigns and use the hashtag #ForTheLoveOfStory! I’d love other writers to be able to find all these beautiful motivational stories out there, stories from other authors about why they write. We may write alone, but we can celebrate together.

- Kristen 

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