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February 10, 2019


Welcome to Crescent Crown Designs Friend!

I have been working on this since November when I came home from the Creative at Heart Conference. Sitting there at my parents home over the Thanksgiving holiday I worked through some exercises and workbooks to find a niche.

I was searching through my notes and worksheets, full of heart and hope, trying to find a string that I could follow. I looked at what I loved, what I was passionate about and what was uniquely me. I thought long and hard and I kept coming back to this idea of story.

It was finding the story, writing the story, sharing the story and celebrating the story. I knew I had always loved to write, it was so much a part of me that I hadn’t even thought about it relating to my business.  

At the end of 2017, while I was working on my business, I had also written the first draft of a novel. Clearly, I have a problem with sitting idle for too long. I have always had a passion for writing, but I never thought the two passions would intermingle, I thought they would more so co-exist in my life.

No matter where I looked, this theme of writers, authors and storytellers kept popping back into my head. I was one of them, I knew the struggles, I was part of the communities and I was passionate about watching people succeed in this space.

It was an ah-ha moment at my parent’s dining room table with notebooks and colored pens spread out before me. After I wrote it down the ideas came flooding out, the products, the designs, the blog posts, the people I could connect with and the community I could create.

I had my niche, but I wanted to grow slow. I wanted to really get it right, to build a site I was proud of, to choose quality. I did the research, I sent out surveys and I really sat with all of the ideas that were running around in my head.

I could not be more excited to share with you the fruits of my labor. I can’t wait to release the products and to put out content that can help writers with their craft and with their lives.

I’m Kristen and I’m an artist and a writer. I hope you come to Crescent Crown Designs to feel motivated, to learn, to celebrate your accomplishments and to fill your writing well. I can’t wait to cheer you on every step of the way!

Just remember, all it takes to be a writer is to write.


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