The Story Behind the New Crescent Crown Designs

August 01, 2019

The Story Behind the New Crescent Crown Designs

Change is hard. Admitting you’re wrong is hard. Starting over is hard. But, it’s the hard things in life that can bring us the most growth and the most joy.

A little over a month ago people were returning from Creative at Heart Round 9, a conference I attended last November that really set me into action to finally do all the big scary things for Crescent Crown Designs. I launched my site, new products and really committed to my creative small business.

Then, a few months ago I was feeling burnt out and uninspired with everything. I didn’t want to create or write or do any of the things that one needs to do to run a business. Holding that resentment toward my business and watching the stories and posts from dear friends I met at round 8 as they came back from round 9, really started to hit me in the feels.

Something inside me clicked and my heart wanted to burst with the desire to be with my fellow creatives, to cheer them on, to inspire them and to pour love and inspiration into them. This moment led me to realize that perhaps I had niche-d down too far. Perhaps it wasn’t just writers that I wanted to create for, but rather all creatives. Everyone out there that has a dream in their heart, a desire to share their gifts with the world and make it a better place.

My dream is to help creatives follow their dreams. Creatives, let me fill you cup. Let me fill your creative well. Let me fill your heart and soul. God gave you a gift to share with the world and it’s you job to see how you can use it to serve others. This is my gift and I’ve been designed to serve you, the creatives. To make sure you don’t hide your talents or tuck them away because you don’t think you’re worthy of them.

I thought my creative journey was hard because I didn’t just want to do one thing. I picked up watercolors and stained signs. I loved calligraphy and blogging and photography. I loved making flat lays and designing a website and creating branding elements. I wanted to do it all, but that saying that "you can’t do it all well," kind of hurt me. I couldn’t pick, I would start one craft and then want to try another one. I was becoming a master of nothing. I just wanted to create, I wanted more time to play and fill my heart with joy without rules.

I thought that was a flaw, not being able to stick to one thing. But, I see now that it was preparing me to serve all creatives, to share a passion and excitement for all the different creative businesses out there. So I can jump with excitement for the photographers and calligraphers and artists and copywriters and branding designers. All of you, I know your craft and I love your craft. It’s not my specialty, but it brings me happiness and that allows me to create products for you.

I am here to support you and to make sure you’re doing life creatively. Everything you have should emit the creative soul that you are and the passionate life you have chosen to live, because it’s not easy and it’s not for everyone. I have so much heart for you creatives, I love everything you do. I love the failures and the successes. The stories and the lessons you’ve learned. I love the community you’re able to create and the friendships that can form over an iced coffee and a love of Target.

I'm excited to be excited again and I'm thrilled to pour into each and every one of you and to serve the creative small business owners out there. Thank you for doing what you do and making the world a little brighter.

xx Kristen

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