Wow, You're Like Really Creative!

So, you agree. You think you're really creative?  

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You’re a photographer…. Up late at night editing photos
You’re a calligrapher… Triple checking the addresses before you send them to the bride
You’re a watercolor artist…. Finishing up those sketches to send to the client for approval
You’re a copywriter... Getting in the brain of your client and making magic happen
You’re a brand designer…. Making a logo that is more than pretty, it’s part of your client’s story
You’re a blogger …. Sharing your heart and story with the world
You’re a fine artistFinding a new way to bring beauty into the world straight from your heart
You’re a maker …. Using your hands to make something that nobody else can
You are a creative, whether you’re clicking a button to take a picture or brushing paint across a canvas. It takes all kinds in the creative industry, we need each other and our unique talents.

But sometimes it's hard being a creative.

Finding inspiration when you hate everything you make
Seeking motivation when your to-do list seems too long
All of the business things you didn’t know you would have to do
Learning to rest and to refill your creative well when you have clients you don’t want to let down

I’ve been there friend, you’re not alone. Being a creative is the most amazing thing in the world, but it’s not always flat lays and letter boards on a curated Instagram feed. The best way to serve your clients is to serve yourself first.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

You need to relax, refresh, refill. You need to work smarter, not harder. You need to learn how to hack your motivation and find inspiration. I can help. 

Hello friend, I'm Kristen!

| The Creative Behind Crescent Crown Designs |

I am a hand-letterer and artist that loves all things creative. I design hand-lettered products and gifts for creatives that inspire, motivates, celebrates and helps the wide-eyed entrepreneur on their creative journey.

As a creative that loves to paint, design graphics, take photos, write, organize and create I have a unique love for all of your favorite things and passions. My products are made with the creatives in mind and I seek to create designs that are true to you and your craft.

Okay, but who are you really? 

Most days I am working a desk job 9-5 before coming home and fulfilling my creative aspirations. Some days it's creating new designs, others it's revising my novel. I am the type of person who does not enjoy having downtime, I am always looking for something to do.

Kristen's Favorite Things

When I'm not working or creating or writing, you can find me enjoying the city of Atlanta and all it has to offer. Whether that's having a few beers at a brewery or playing trivia with my friends. I love getting out and exploring the city I call home.

3 More Things You Should Know 

We value following the why behind your dreams

We value rest and refilling your creative well

We value serving others from the heart using your God given creative gift

If you made it this far, I think it's safe to say we're best friends now! So, make sure you're following me on Instagram and come chat with me! 

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