Music and Writing: Which Type are You?

May 01, 2019

Music and Writing: Which Type are You?

There is a great debate on if you should write with music or not. Some say it helps, some say it distracts. Well, I’m not here to debate, but celebrate the three different types of writes. Personally, I enjoy writing with music, but I don’t use it as a tool like some writers. It’s more of a background noise for me, but some people can’t have that. They might work better with white noise, they don’t want silence, but perhaps working in a coffee house would give them enough noise not to go crazy. Then there are people who need no distractions, complete silence and noise canceling headphones.

Which One Are You?

1. Must Have Music

  • You love listening to music while you write, it motivates you and tells your brain that it’s time to get down to business
  • Maybe you just listen to any music you like, no need to get specific, you’re mostly tuning it out anyways 
  • Or perhaps it really fuels your writing and you have a writing playlist, songs that make you feel things that help you write sad scenes, love scenes and fight scenes

2. White Noise Needed 

  • You can’t have silence, but you also can’t have songs playing or else you’ll start to sing along and get no writing done
  • What you like is white noise, the sound of waves crashing, wind rustling the trees or coffeehouse noise
  • You’re not looking for your music to inspire you, you just need SOMETHING to keep you from going crazy wrapped up in your own mind

3. Silence Please

  • You have your noise-blocking headphones, all distractions have been put away. You live for the silence and the space the silence creates for you 
  • You like to only hear the characters and the story inside your head, everything else is a distraction 

Which kind of writer are you?

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