Powersheet Party: October Recap & November Goals

November 08, 2019

Powersheet Party: October Recap & November Goals

My box of happy came in the mail a few weeks ago, with my NEW 2020 Powersheets and a few other goodies. It’s taken a lot for me not to crack them open and start planning for the new year, but I know I still have work to be done here in 2019.

Truly, I’m starting this blog post series to hold myself more accountable. I don’t think I have used the Powersheets quite as effectively in 2019 as I would have liked. I’m hoping putting them here motivates me to get more done, to be more honest and to encourage you to set goals as well. Now, let’s get to it!

October Review

Kristen at Disney
Monthly Goals

Decorate and Hang Things in Apartment [yes and no] So, I moved into my apartment about 4 months ago and had not hung a thing. Really, I need some help and some power tools (which I don’t have). So while I didn’t get any of the big stuff hung, I was able to put some of the smaller things up and my space is looking homier already

$500 in Sales [no] This was quite ambitious of me, I just picked a number that sounded nice and I will say with complete transparency I didn’t come close. I’m still working on how to get my stuff in front of the right kind of people.

Finish Blueprint Model [no] BPM officially wrapped up, but I am very much behind. I really need to schedule it into my daily calendar to make sure I find time for it

Go Through Paper Drawer [yes] We all have a paper drawer, right? A drawer you throw everything and promise yourself you’ll get to later? I am proud to say I went through mine and it felt great!

Clean Out Car [no] I did have to fabreeze my car after a little spillage in the trunk, but no hardcore cleaning action happened this month

Clean Outdoor Area [no] I was obviously in a cleaning mood when I made this list. I don’t have any outdoor furniture, so I don’t go out there often enough for me to motivate myself to do this task

Update Business Address [no] I keep moving this from month to month, I keep putting this off. Maybe next month will be the month!

Taxes and Finances and Budget [yes and no] So I did get my budge in order. I pulled out cash, started using envelopes and really watched where my money went this month. I’m excited to continue that. I still have yet go through my business Quickbooks though

Disney Trip Prep [yes] I went al out prepping for Disney and had the absolute best time

Holiday Prep for Business [yes] What I have done to prep for the holidays, is sign up for two holiday markets and count my inventory!

Hocus Pocus Pumpkin
Weekly Goals

Church Sunday [xxxxx] I’ve been busy and I’m great at making excuses, so no Church on Sunday this past month

Finance Friday [x///x] For the most part it was usually done on Sunday and not Friday because Fridays were too busy, but this is when I looked at what I spent in the week and moved money into envelopes for the next week

Call Family [xxx//] I get so wrapped up in my own life that I want to make a priority to reach out to my parents and little brother. I would sometimes get a text in, but I need to call more

Italian 30 Minutes Per Week [xxxxx] It’s almost laughable, I did none fo this

Date Night with Ben [/////] This one is fun to make time for, whether it was carving pumpkins, watching movies or just going out to dinner

Writing TIme 30 minutes [xxxxx] Another big no which is sad because I really want to get back into writing again

Reflection Time [xxxxx] I tend to get straight in bed and turn on the TV, really need to prioritize some reflection time

Books and Burning Midngiht
Daily Goals

Devotional [good] currently using Jesus Always by Sarah Young

Move 30 Min [bad] If only I could be a morning workout person

Read 30 minutes [okay] I read a good bit this month, finishing one book and starting another

Eat a Veggie Daily [bad] When there’s a choice between fries and a salad, I always pick fries

Face and Teeth PM [okay] I’ve gotten better about flossing and doing a skincare routine at night, but I still have those days I just get straight into bed without a second though

November Goals

Monthly Goals

Visit Family Once a Month

Clean Out Car and Have it Detailed

ATL Girl Gang Members Mart Prep

Update Business Address

Update Quickbooks and Check CCD Finances

Holiday Photoshoot of Products

Take all new, better product photos for the site

Update Trello Boards

Finish Multi-Stream Machine

Finish Blueprint Model

Weekly Goals

Go to Church on Sunday

Call Mom, Dad, and Dylan

Review Finances on Sunday 

Date Night with Ben

Italian once a week

Sunday Week Prep (Laundry - Groceries - Gas)

Yoga and Meditation on Sunday

Workout 3 times a week

Daily Goals



No Alcohol


Face and Teeth PM

Alright friends, now that I’ve shared my goals with you, share some with me!! Also, if you have any tips for waking up early so I can get this all done, please don’t hesitate to share. Happy Friday!

xx Kristen

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